Nico Lassaux

Co-Founder & Head of Machine Learning

Nicolas Lassaux holds two master's degrees in Computer Science, with a focus on Statistics, Data Science, and Data Processing. His career in Data Science, specifically in the real estate sector, commenced in 2015.

At Enodo, he was the second hire and played a key role in leading teams that enhanced the understanding of real estate market drivers. This work contributed significantly to new insights within the industry.

In his subsequent role as Vice President of Data Science at Walker & Dunlop, a leading multifamily lender firm in the United States, Nicolas continued to focus on real estate data science, leading initiatives to further understand and utilize real estate data.

In co-founding Hello Data, Nicolas has been instrumental in developing a data-centric approach to real estate, combining AI-enhanced data with innovative strategies to improve the industry's decision-making processes.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Nicolas is actively engaged in various physical activities and the arts, including running, cycling, climbing, and music. These interests complement his professional traits of curiosity, a preference for elegant solutions, and a determination to advance his ideas.

Nico Lassaux, Co-Founder and Head of Machine Learning at Hello Data, Inc.

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