Save time & increase deal flow with automated rent comps

The Best Comps Analyzed Instantly

No need to scour property websites and multiple listing sites. Just enter an address and get accurate, up-to-date rent comps in seconds.

HelloData delivers rent comps that overlap appraiser selections 9 out of 10 times, and our daily updates capture recently closed listings within dollars of leased rents.

Home interior with callouts for interior quality, fireplace, designer light fixtures, floor-to-ceiling windows, vaulted ceiling, and hardwood floor overlooking a forested area
Schedule daily or weekly updates to track your rent comps pricings
Tired of copying and pasting from rental listings?

Accurate Data, Updated Daily

We collect updated rent, availability and property data from millions of units every day, delivering real-time competitor intel right in your inbox.

Our automated rent surveys reduce market analysis time by over 98%, performing hours of analysis in seconds.

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No time to call around for rent concessions?

Track Specials & Effective Rents

Our proprietary model extracts the types and dollar values of concessions from specials posted on property websites and rental listings.

We save you hours of manual work and capture effective rents more accurately than any other provider.

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Compute effective rents using NLP that extracts concessions from listing text
A table showing the level of finishes for each room, detected using our computer vision models
Looking to save time on amenity surveys?

AI-Powered Quality Assessment

Our computer-vision algorithms assess real estate quality from millions of listing photos to find you comps with similar levels of finishes.

We identify rent comps that compete for the same residents based on quality of finishes and overlap of amenities.

See how our QualityScore algorithm works →

Are you sure that comp is really in the same submarket?

Real Estate: All About Location

Median income, home values, crime rates, school ratings. We know how long it takes to collect and analyze this data - so we use AI to determine market similarity for you.

We select the most comparable buildings, from the most comparable markets, every time.

A map that shows market similar to the subject's market, using demographic and real estate data
Two screenshots that show which amenities were picked up by our models, for all rent comparables
Yes, they both have fitness centers, but which one is better?

Comprehensive Amenity Analysis

By analyzing listing descriptions and pictures, our algorithms detect more than 200 building and unit level amenities. We find rent comps with similar amenities and similar quality.

Save time on quarterly amenity surveys with our accurate data and common area quality assessment.

Can you really get a $150 rent lift with this renovation?

Cutting Edge Value-add Analysis

With our QualityScore algorithm, you can run value-add simulations in seconds. We find pre and post-renovation rent comps to help calculate upside potential.

Don't miss the mark with your market analysis. Use our detailed value-add comps to find the best deals.

A screenshot of hellodata's platform. Ask for more comps or aspirational comps
Picture of a screenshot of hellodata's platform that shows detailed scores for a selected comparable
Why did they include that as a comp?

The Most Transparent Outputs

Selecting comps can be subjective, and real estate investors, managers and brokers always have differences of opinion. We take the guess work out of rental comp selection.

Our comp selections are data-driven and transparent, with a detailed similarity breakdown explaining each selection.

Is that inflated rent price part of their strategy?

Understand your competition's Pricing Strategy

Answering questions such as: "do they use a revenue management software?" will allow you to detect patterns among your competition and make better pricing decisions.

Two pricing strategies from our platform, showing how HelloData detects usage of revenue management software, and patterns in the pricing
Tables showing comparable property data including street address, year built, number of units and average pricing by unit type
Excel is great, but can you import into Salesforce?

The Best Rent Comps via API

If you are a Real Estate or PropTech company looking to leverage our data or APIs for offering memos, appraisals, or within PropTech solutions, let's talk!

Everything in our interface is also offered as an API endpoint. Check out our API documentation below.

API Documentation
Sounds great, but can we get it in Excel?

Say Hello Data: Excel Exports

No matter how intuitive an interface is, real estate professionals need data in Excel. That's why everything in our interface is also available in the Excel export.

We make it easy to generate charts, pivot tables and maps in Excel, with detailed, unit-level data.

A screenshot of excel, with an example of export for a rent comps analysis

Get the perfect rent comps, with only an address.

Read more about our methodology in the blog post