Automated rent surveys and revenue management

Daily Market Intel for Multifamily Property Managers

Property managers are expected to do a lot. You have to be expert salespeople, customer success reps, market experts and data analysts at the same time... who can manage all that?

Our software identifies your most statistically comparable rent comps in any market, tracks their rents and concessions every day, and helps you set rents that maximize revenue and minimize vacancy.

Real estate investor overlooking a city at sunset with callouts showing data and icons in a white overlay
Interface showing pricing recommendations from the liquidrent apartment revenue management system and an explanation of the pricing below
Market based revenue management for lease-ups

Revenue Management without PMS Integration

Our revenue management solution analyzes rent, concessions and time on market from competing floorplans to tell you how to maximize profitability for your units.

What it doesn't do is require weeks of configuration and downtime in your property management software.

HelloData's rent pricing algorithms rely entirely on daily market data, so we can provide accurate pricing for lease-ups and rapidly changing markets.

Generate owner reports 10x faster with AI

Automated Rent Surveys for Property Managers

Add real-time rent, availability & property data to your rent surveys and owner reporting. With only an address, we scour millions of real estate listings to help you monitor competing properties and historical rent trends.

Because we track over 1.7 million apartment buildings across the country every day, we capture the leased rent, or the last listed rent before a unit is taken off the market. This, combined with our concession extraction algorithms, gives us the closest thing to actual rents without owning the property.

Comparable properties analysis showing side-by-side comparison of Chicago apartment buildings Miliue, Monroe Aberdeen Place and Millie on Michigan
Rendering of a white city with 6 buildings highlighted purple and callouts for 26% below market rents, poorly managed and high vacancy
Know when competitors change rents and concessions

Unit-Level Rent & Specials
Analysis in Any Market

We analyze your closest competitors every day so you can see when they adjust pricing, offer concessions, or take units off the market.

Our algorithms capture effective rents from posted specials, and show how rents have changed historically at the unit level. No need to call around for weekly pricing - stay on top of the market every day with Hello Data.