Multifamily Comps & Revenue Management

Analyze Comps. Optimize Rents.
Grow NOI.

HelloData uses AI to help you analyze multifamily rent & expense comps, optimize rental pricing, and raise NOI.
  • Automated Rent Comp Analysis
  • Market-Driven Pricing & Revenue Management
  • Detailed Income & Expense Benchmarks
  • Unit-Level Historical Rents & Concessions

Save hours analyzing market rents, improve operations, and increase deal flow with

A screenshot showing rental comps found with
Table showing average rents by unit type over the last 90-days, and a graph showing rent and rent per sqft compared to rent comps.
Chart showing historical rents for 4 properties in downtown Chicago, with a unit availability table below that includes details on the market rents and effective rents.
Table showing specials offered for a multifamily property, the equivalent number of free months derived from an AI driven analysis of the text, and the resulting market and effective rents in a graph below.
Financial analysis table showing a predicted operating statement for a multifamily investment property.

Proud to work with leading real estate and PropTech innovators:

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Analyze comps, optimize market rents & underwrite operating expenses in seconds.

Multifamily operators and acquisitions teams use Hello Data to improve operations and increase deal flow. Appraisers, brokers and lenders use it to underwrite deals faster and more accurately.

The most accurate multifamily data. Period.

HelloData transforms real estate information into powerful insights. Our commitment to accuracy and innovation is reflected in every figure we display.

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Leverage AI for Real Estate with our APIs

HelloData was built for both real estate professionals and PropTech companies. Our APIs and bulk data feeds help CRE tech innovators build data-driven products.

A screenshot showing rental comps found with

Automated Multifamily Rent Surveys

Our apartment rent survey tool collects data on more than 2M properties every day, including rent & availability, fees, and concessions, and sends you weekly updates on rent comps.

Rent Surveys →
An example of a quality score computed by our AI for a house based on its picture

Property Photo Analysis with Computer Vision

Computer vision algorithms that analyze interior and exterior property photos to objectively quantify condition and quality of apartments and single-family rentals.

Computer Vision →
An example of how HelloData shows price recommendation and explains them

Multifamily Revenue Management

An intuitive revenue management system that integrates with any property management software and recommends optimal rents by floorplan.

Revenue Management →

Client Testimonials

Daniel Stevens of Ansonia Properties
"Within days of using HelloData it was clear the tools they’ve developed far exceeded our prior resources/tech products for evaluating rent comps, expense benchmarks, and detailed historical data. And they do so at a fraction of the cost of their competitors, in any market across the United States.

Their platform has been a game changer for our team and is better every single time I log into it. Truly phenomenal."

-Daniel Stevens | Principal, Ansonia Properties
"After just 10 minutes of using, I realized this tool could become the standard for rent comp analysis for all multifamily investors across the US.

I rarely see new tech in the multifamily space that will flip the game upside down. HelloData has already done that with its rent comp analysis tool."

-Ike Hoffman | CEO, Tactica Real Estate Solutions
Ike Hoffman, CEO of Tactica Real Estate Solutions

Elevate Your Multifamily Underwriting & Operations

Property managers and acquisitions teams are both struggling with massive workloads, and no one has time to learn another complex real estate software product.

At HelloData, we believe in building intuitive interfaces and APIs that are easy to integrate with your existing products and workflows.

We've built a system that lets you instantly understand market rents, concessions, and operating expenses for any property, in any market, with only an address.

Illustration for our Vimeo page walking you through the platform

Real-time data, incredible insights.

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