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Extensive coverage across every U.S. market. Figures updated on today.

The map of the U.S with an overlay showing every property present our database, except for Alaska and Hawaii.

A detailed map of the United States displaying an overlay of all properties in our database, covering the contiguous states but excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

3.5M Properties Covered
28M+ Units Tracked
100% U.S. Market Coverage
140M+ Images Processed
387k Concessions Analyzed
25k Real Property Financials
331M Daily Prices Surfaced
Daily Listing Data Updates

Millions of Listings Analyzed Every Week

We add millions of listings and thousands of new properties and every week, continually growing the size and quality of our CRE database.

A bar chart showing the number of units records we changed over time

The number of properties we track over time keeps growing over time

A bar chart showing the number of properties we track over time

The number of listings and units we track over time seriously increases over time too

Valuable Insights from Dozens of Real Estate Data Sources

We use AI to unleash the true value of every real estate data source we work with. Whether it's demographic data, school district ratings, crime levels or amenity data extracted from listing photos, our unique real estate datasets can raise the bar for your CRE analytics.

1. Daily Indexing
  • 24/7 crawling of public real estate listing data
  • Detailed data source credibility analysis
2. Aggregation
  • Centralization of every CRE data source
  • Automated systems to collate and organize data for initial processing
3. Data Cleaning
  • Rule-based removal of errors and fake listings
  • Algorithmic outlier removal and floorplan naming convention matching
4. Record Linkage
  • Sophisticated matching algorithms for accurate property record merging
  • Automated combination of demographic and local economic data with listing records
5. Feature Extraction
  • Detailed insights from text data such as amenities, concessions and utilities
  • Natural language processing and computer vision for advanced feature analysis
6. Data Reconciliation
  • Reconcile and harmonize data to ensure a single version of truth
  • Robust reconciliation methods to align disparate data points accurately
7. Quality Assurance
  • Regular manual quality checks to validate data accuracy and completeness
  • Automated quality checks combined with expert review to ensure data integrity
8. Data Ingestion
  • Several layers of cleaning before use in applications, analysis, or decision-making
  • User-friendly data formats, accessible to end users or applications

Raising the Bar for Data Science in Real Estate

We continually strive to push the boundaries of real estate data science, delivering clean data and accurate results.

Record Merging

Linking and merging property data from different sources can be difficult. We employ various ML models to automate this process.


Outlier Detection & Removal

Anomalies are detected and corrected using our advanced outlier detection systems, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in our real estate insights.


Room Detection

Every listing photo is evaluated by one of our computer vision models to identify room and common area types.

Computer Vision

Quality Detection

Every interior photo is evaluated by our property condition assessment model, assigning an objective quality score on a 1-10 scale.

Computer Vision

Amenity & Finish Level Detection (from images)

Property photos contain valuable information about amenities and finishes. We've built dozens of models focused on identifying them accurately.

Computer Vision

Concession Extraction

Concession information is extracted from text using our proprietary Large Language Model (LLM), calculating effective rents from posted specials.


Amenity Detection (from text)

We utilize sophisticated business logic and natural language processing to accurately identify over 200 different building & unit amenities.


Floor Number & Renovation Status Recognition

We extract the floor number and renovated vs classic status from unit names to facilitate apples-to-apples comparisons.


HelloData Applications & Use Cases

Translating real-time data into real savings and better decision making for our clients.

Rent Comp Analysis
Automated Rent Surveys
Multifamily Revenue Management
Detailed Market Studies
Operating Expense Benchmarking
Value-Add Comp Analysis
Historical Concession Tracking
Effective Rent Calculation
Historical Trend Analysis
Automated Amenity Surveys
Amenity Trend Detection
CRE Image Alt-Text Generation

Exceptional Data Quality: The Most Important Factor in Real Estate Analysis

At HelloData, we don't just aggregate and sell real estate data - we depend on it to drive our platform. Our dual role as creators and users of this data sets the highest bar for precision. Every dataset undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring what we offer is not just comprehensive but also meticulously accurate.

This self-imposed standard of excellence means every number, every trend, and every prediction you see is more than data—it's a reliable foundation for your real estate decisions. We are not just data providers, we are active participants in real estate investments, using our own products to drive innovation and excellence.

Trust in our data comes from our unwavering commitment to its quality, evidenced in every insight we deliver.

We value your insights. If you have suggestions or feedback to enhance our data quality, we invite you to contact us at any time.

Make real-time data your competitive advantage!

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