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Accelerate Your Offering Memos

Real estate brokers are under constant pressure to understand their markets and provide broker opinions of value, but it takes time to collect and analyze data on comparable properties.

HelloData uses AI to determine the most relevant comps and accelerate your market surveys. We provide granular data down the unit level, with cutting-edge algorithms to extract concessions and calculate effective rents from specials text.

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Rendering of a white city with 3 buildings highlighted purple and callouts for recently renovated, underpriced 1BR units, and 2BR units with 22% longer time on market
Save time, save money, know the market.

Automatically Survey Rent & Expense Comps

RentSource provides real-time rent, availability & property data to automate your apartment rent surveys, and our API can bring real-time rent and expense comp data directly into your models.

Our rent comps are updated every day, and our expense comps use operating data from real properties to help you underwrite quickly and accurately. Schedule a demo with our team to see how our data can enrich your BOVs and offering memos.

Rent Comps Detection
Comparable properties table with side-by-side comparison of Chicago apartment buildings Miliue, Monroe Aberdeen Place and Millie on Michigan
Home interior with callouts for interior quality, fireplace, designer light fixtures, floor-to-ceiling windows, vaulted ceiling, and hardwood floor overlooking a forested area
Consistent and automated condition assessment.

Consistently and Accurately Assess Property Condition with Computer Vision

Every property is different, but our QualityScore algorithm can help you compare real estate apples-to-apples.

Using computer vision and AI, our system analyzes property photos to assess quality and condition of residential real estate consistently and accurately every time. Brokers use it to help identify better comps or help find strong value-add deals for their clients.

Quality Detection From Pictures
Take your real estate database to the next level

Real-Time Market Data for your Property Database

With our API and bulk data downloads, brokers can add detailed data on property type, year built, number of stories, beds/baths, square footage and amenity data to their databases and product offerings.

See what drives rent prices among your closest comps using our national multifamily dataset.

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Excel workbook showing multifamily property data from the rentsource bulk data API