Real-Time Multifamily Comp Data, Right in Your Inbox

Automated Multifamily Rent Surveys

Add real-time rent, availability, specials and detailed property data to your rent surveys and real estate tech products.

With only an address, RentSource scours real estate listings from property websites and internet listing sites to help you monitor competing properties and track rent trends with unit-level detail.

We collect data on fees, concessions, utilities, and over 200 unique property attributes, and our data is available in both an interface and API. Schedule a demo with our team to learn more, or get a RentSource login with our 7-day free trial below:

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Comparable properties analysis showing side-by-side comparison of Chicago apartment buildings Miliue, Monroe Aberdeen Place and Millie on Michigan
Tables showing comparable property data including street address, year built, number of units and average pricing by unit type
Beat the competition with daily rent surveys.

National Rent & Availability Data, Updated Daily

Subscribe to our property updates and get real-time rental price, time on market and concession data in your inbox every week. Our coverage is robust even in secondary and tertiary markets.

RentSource helps you study competitor market rents and automate your multifamily market studies in any market.

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Your quarterly amenity surveys just got easier.

Bulk Property Data via API

Add data on property type, year built, number of stories, beds/baths, square footage and amenity data to your data pipeline or database with our API.

We offer daily historical unit pricing and attributes for multifamily properties in every U.S. market. We cover millions of listings every day, and capture the last price before each listing is removed from the market - typically within $5-10 dollars of actual leased rents.

Understand what drives rent prices among your closest comps using our national multifamily rental dataset.

Excel workbook showing property data from rentsource bulk data API
Screenshot of rents for detected comps
Enrich your analyses with unique data points.

Multifamily Insights You Won't Find Anywhere Else

RentSource covers many unique property attributes you can't find anywhere else, including:

  • Concessions
  • Parking, pet and service fees
  • Property manager contact info
  • Security deposit amounts
  • Which utilities are included in rent
  • Detailed building & unit amenities
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Unlock Valuable Real Estate Insights

Whether you're a real estate company or PropTech startup, you can streamline your multifamily rent surveys, enrich data pipelines with valuable property data, and enhance real estate databases with comprehensive and reliable information.

Automate Rent Surveys

Surveying market rent & availability for competing properties is time-consuming. can automatically pull complete listing data for you every day.

Enrich Data Pipelines

Our API can be built into your existing data pipelines and workflows to enrich your data. All you need is an address to source valuable property data.

Bolster Property Databases

Missing data means incomplete market studies and manual work. Let fill in the gaps to build the robust real estate database you've always wanted.

Real-time data, incredible insights.

See how HelloData can help you understand your market and grow income.

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