Detailed operating expense benchmarks in every market

Income & Expense Benchmarks for Any Size Property

We standardize operational and financial performance data from over 25,000 multifamily properties across the U.S. to help you efficiently analyze deals and identify areas for improvement across your portfolio.

With only an address, you can compare your operations to similar properties and underwrite multifamily investments anywhere in the country in a matter of seconds.

Home interior with callouts for interior quality, fireplace, designer light fixtures, floor-to-ceiling windows, vaulted ceiling, and hardwood floor overlooking a forested area
Asset optimization at the real estate portfolio level, calling out an underspend on ads for the arbors of willow creek and recommending an increase in ad spend
Excel exports for detailed expense comp analysis

Export Detailed Income & Expense Data to Excel or Download via API

We offer detailed Excel exports and flexible APIs to pull in rent comps, expense benchmarks and detailed unit-level rent and availability data right where you work.

Whether you want to pull our data into your underwriting models or integrate our APIs with Salesforce and PowerBI, we can help.

Improve multifamily operations and underwrite deals faster

Instantly Underwrite Stabilized NOI for Any Multifamily Deal

Our financial benchmarks are backed by real-time market rent data from over 2.1 million apartment buildings and real financials from over 25,000 properties across the U.S.

Our income & expense benchmarks are backed by our comparable property detection algorithms, which analyze distance, number of units, year built, and GPR per unit to ensure true comparability.

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A list of all the paramters we use to predict expenses: vintage, # units, #stories, gpr per unit, quality score, unit mix, allowed pets, style, included utilities, building amenities, unit amenities and market

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