Which companies offer rent data APIs?

HelloData, RentCast, Rentometer, AirDNA, and Estated offer diverse rent data APIs, each with unique features like rent comps, market trends, and real-time data for various real estate segments. HelloData specializes in multifamily unit pricing and operating expense benchmarks, while RentCast provides comprehensive U.S. property data. Rentometer focuses on rent analysis, AirDNA on short-term rental insights, particularly Airbnb, and Estated offers extensive real estate data including deeds and tax information.

Here's a more detailed overview of the unique features and pricing structures each of these providers offers:

  1. HelloData: We provide APIs to identify rent comps, benchmark operating expenses, extract data from real estate imagery, and price multifamily units based on real-time market data. Our database covers more than 25 million units across over 2.2M multifamily properties nationwide. Our pricing varies from a pay per use model at $0.50 per record to an unlimited tier with fixed costs where you can query as many properties as you want.
  2. RentCast: Provides an API with access to a comprehensive database of property records, owner details, valuation estimates, and active listings. They also offer market trend data and have coverage for almost all residential and commercial properties in the U.S. RentCast's API allows for retrieving detailed property data, including tax assessment history and property features. They offer a free plan with 50 API calls per month, and their pricing scales with the request volume for larger needs​​​​.
  3. Rentometer: Rentometer's API offers endpoints for QuickView, which provides summary-level rent analysis, Pro Report for full rent report PDFs, and Nearby Comp for detailed rent comps. They have a pricing structure based on credits, with different tiers for QuickView credits, Pro Reports, and Premium credits. This API is designed for easy implementation and can integrate rent data into various applications​​.
  4. AirDNA: Targeting the short-term rental market, particularly Airbnb data, AirDNA offers an API that provides insights for acquisition, retention, and revenue management. Their API includes dynamic pricing data and can help identify market demand drivers. This is particularly useful for businesses operating in the short-term rental sector​​.
  5. Estated: This API offers extensive real estate data, including deeds, tax information, historical property, and ownership details. Estated covers over 140 million commercial and residential property listings and provides over 150 individual data points. The API is known for its ease of use and comprehensive property records​​. Estated was recently acquired by ATTOM Data, and its services may be pulled under the ATTOM suite of products.

Each of these APIs has its own strengths and caters to different aspects of real estate and rental data needs, ranging from detailed property records to market trend analysis and short-term rental data. Depending on the specific requirements of your project, you may find one of these APIs more suited to your needs.

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