What makes HelloData different from the other solutions?

What Makes HelloData Different?

Highly accurate data, granularity (including full unit-level price history for every property) and frequency of updates (every day). Our rent comp recommendations are the best in the multifamily industry, overlapping with appraiser rent comp selections 9 out of 10 times.

In addition, we have one of the most intuitive user interfaces in multifamily PropTech, and the platform is incredibly fast... it takes less than 1 minute to generate a full rent survey and expense benchmarks.

The HelloData team is also very responsive and easy to work with. The onboarding process takes about 5 minutes, and we provide in-depth training with as many demos as you need to become familiar with the platform.

Perhaps the biggest benefit though is that we do all of this with only publicly available data - meaning there is no risk of anti-trust litigation when you use our platform.

Make real-time data your competitive advantage!

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