How Detailed is HelloData's Multifamily Market Rent Data?

How Detailed is HelloData's Multifamily Market Rent Data?

HelloData analyzes market rents for multifamily properties at varying levels of granularity. Here's are the different levels at which you can analyze multifamily market rent data, and the corresponding sections of our interface that contain this information:

1. By Bed Count (Rent Comps Section):

At this broadest level of granularity, rents are analyzed based solely on the number of bedrooms.

  • Collect data on average rents for studios (0-bedroom units), 1-bedroom units, 2-bedroom units, etc., within a specific market or area.
  • This gives a general sense of rent variations based on the number of bedrooms but doesn't account for differences in other features or amenities.

2. By Bed and Bath Count (Average Rents by Unit Type Section):

This level of granularity factors in both the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the analysis.

  • Group units not just by bedroom count but also by the number of bathrooms, e.g., 1 bed - 1 bath, 2 bed - 2 bath, etc.
  • This provides a slightly more refined understanding of rent differences, as units with more bathrooms often command higher rents due to added convenience.

3. By Floorplan (Unit Details Table):

Analyzing by floorplan takes into account the layout and design of the units.

  • Collect rent data for specific floorplan designs available in the property or market. For instance, "The Oakwood" might refer to a specific 2 bed - 2 bath layout in an apartment complex.
  • This level of granularity captures variations in rent due to factors like unit size, layout efficiency, and design appeal. For instance, two units with the same bed-bath count might have different rents because one has an open-plan kitchen while the other does not.

4. By Individual Unit (Unit Details Table):

This is the most detailed level, considering the specific characteristics of each unit.

  • Analyze rents for each distinct unit in a property or comparable properties. This takes into account not just size and layout but also factors like unit location (e.g., ground floor vs. top floor), view, recent renovations, and specific amenities (e.g., a unit with a balcony).
  • This level of granularity provides the most accurate rent analysis as it accounts for the unique features and conditions of each individual unit.

The granularity at which you analyze market rents should align with the specific needs and goals of the analysis. Broader levels might suffice for general market overviews, while detailed granularities are essential for precise investment decisions or rental pricing strategies.

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