What is the Texas Ratio?

What is the Texas Ratio?

The Texas Ratio is a financial metric used to evaluate the credit risk of banks, specifically measuring the likelihood of failure based on their credit troubles. It is calculated by dividing the value of the bank's non-performing assets (including loans that are more than 90 days overdue and real estate owned through foreclosure) by the sum of its tangible equity capital and loan loss reserves. A higher Texas Ratio indicates greater risk of bank failure, with values over 100% typically seen as a warning sign of financial distress. This ratio was developed during the Texas banking crisis in the 1980s to identify banks at risk of insolvency.

How Does the Texas Ratio Apply to Real Estate?

1. Assessment of Loan Portfolios

For entities heavily invested in real estate, such as banks or REITs, the Texas Ratio can help evaluate the risk level of their real estate loan portfolios. By analyzing the proportion of non-performing real estate loans (e.g., loans in default or foreclosures) to the entity’s tangible equity and loan loss reserves, stakeholders can gauge the financial health and stability concerning real estate investments.

2. Indication of Market Health

In areas where banks or real estate firms have high Texas Ratios, it might indicate broader economic or market troubles, including declining property values or increased foreclosure rates. This can signal investors and analysts about potential risks or downturns in specific real estate markets.

3. Risk Management

For investment and portfolio management, the Texas Ratio can serve as a tool to monitor and manage risk, ensuring that exposure to bad loans or assets is balanced by sufficient capital and reserves to cover potential losses.

In real estate, using the Texas Ratio provides a quantitative measure that complements other financial and market analysis tools, giving a clearer picture of risk exposures in real estate investments.

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