What is Stessa?

What is Stessa?

Stessa is a property management software platform designed for real estate investors to track, manage, and optimize the financial performance of their rental properties. It offers features such as automated financial tracking, comprehensive reporting and analytics, document management, and tax preparation tools, all accessible through a real-time dashboard. Stessa is free to use, making it an attractive option for both novice and experienced investors.

Here are the key features and aspects of Stessa:

  1. Financial Tracking: Stessa allows users to monitor income, expenses, and overall financial performance of their rental properties. It automates the tracking process by syncing with bank accounts and property management software.
  2. Reporting and Analytics: The platform provides comprehensive reporting tools, offering insights into cash flow, income statements, and other financial metrics. Investors can generate customized reports to better understand their property's performance.
  3. Document Management: Stessa offers a centralized place for storing important property documents, such as leases, receipts, and inspection reports, making it easier to organize and access critical information.
  4. Dashboard: Users have access to a real-time dashboard that provides an overview of their entire portfolio, including key metrics and performance indicators.
  5. Tax Preparation: Stessa simplifies tax season by categorizing expenses and generating reports that are useful for tax filings, reducing the complexity and time spent on preparing taxes.
  6. Free to Use: Stessa is free to use, making it an attractive option for both new and experienced real estate investors who want to manage their properties efficiently without incurring additional costs.

Stessa Acquisition

Stessa was initially acquired by JLL Spark, the strategic venture capital arm of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), in 2018. Later, in 2023, Roofstock, a real estate investment platform, acquired Stessa from JLL to enhance its suite of property management tools and services.

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