What is Ascendix?

What is Ascendix?

Ascendix Technologies is a company that specializes in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) consulting and custom software development. Founded in 1996 by Wes Snow and Todd Terry in Dallas, Texas, Ascendix has evolved to focus primarily on providing solutions for the real estate industry, although it also serves capital markets and other sectors.

The company offers a variety of services related to Salesforce, including system implementation, customization, and ongoing support. Ascendix has developed several proprietary products built on top of Salesforce and Dynamics 365 platforms, such as AscendixRE CRM, which is tailored for commercial real estate, and Composer, a report and brochure generation tool.

Over the years, Ascendix has established itself as a leader in the real estate software market, leveraging its extensive experience to provide innovative technology solutions. The firm has global delivery capabilities with teams in the US and Europe, enabling it to serve a diverse clientele efficiently.

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