What are the Biggest Short-Term Rental Property Management Companies?

What are the Biggest Short-Term Rental Property Management Companies?

Some of the largest short-term rental property management companies include Vacasa, which manages over 25,000 properties worldwide, and Evolve, known for its lower fee structure and flexible management options. TurnKey Vacation Rentals, now part of Vacasa, emphasizes technology-driven solutions like digital locks and noise monitors for efficient management. Additionally, companies like Sonder blend hotel-like amenities with the comfort of private homes, focusing on prime urban locations, while Airbnb Co-Hosts operate under a co-hosting model to manage properties on Airbnb.

Here's a more detailed description of some of the largest providers in the space:

  1. Vacasa - Vacasa is a large full-service vacation rental management company that manages over 25,000 vacation homes globally. They handle everything from marketing to maintenance and housekeeping.
  2. Evolve - Evolve differs by charging a lower management fee and offering a flexible model that includes marketing, booking, and customer support while allowing homeowners to handle the on-the-ground management if they prefer.
  3. TurnKey Vacation Rentals - Now part of Vacasa, TurnKey provided high-quality service with a technology-driven approach to managing vacation homes, offering features like digital locks and noise monitors.
  4. Airbnb Co-Hosts - This includes local property managers or individuals who partner with property owners to manage Airbnb listings, often under a co-hosting arrangement.
  5. Sonder - Sonder is a part-tech, part-hospitality company that leases and renovates properties in prime locations and then rents them out as short-term rentals, aiming to blend hotel-like services with the comfort of a private home.
  6. Lyric - Focused on urban rentals, Lyric operates apartments in city centers designed for business travelers and tourists, emphasizing locations that appeal to a professional demographic.

These companies represent a range of models from full-service management to tech-centric approaches, each catering to different types of property owners and market needs.

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