What is a Plat of Survey?

What is a Plat of Survey?

A Plat of Survey is a detailed map created by a licensed surveyor that shows the boundaries, dimensions, and physical features of a property. It includes precise details such as lot lines, measurements, locations of improvements like buildings and driveways, as well as easements, encroachments, and rights-of-way. This document is used in real estate transactions, resolving property disputes, and obtaining building permits to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Plats of survey typically include:

  1. Lot Lines: The exact boundaries of the property.
  2. Measurements: Distances and angles between boundary points.
  3. Improvements: Location of buildings, driveways, fences, and other structures on the property.
  4. Easements: Areas where utilities or neighbors may have the right to access or use part of the property.
  5. Encroachments: Any portion of the property that intrudes onto adjacent land, or vice versa.
  6. Rights-of-way: Areas designated for passage by vehicles or pedestrians.

The Plat of Survey is used in real estate transactions, property disputes, and when applying for building permits to ensure that any new structures or alterations comply with zoning laws, property lines, and building codes. This document helps property owners, potential buyers, local planning departments, and legal professionals understand the specifics of a property's geography and legal boundaries.

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