What is RentIQ?

What is RentIQ?

RentIQ refers to multiple entities, each serving different purposes in the real estate and property management industries:

  1. Rent IQ is a tool specifically designed for New York City's rent regulations. It automates the process of auditing apartments subject to these regulations, providing a suite of tools and resources for users to gain insights into their buildings' compliance with NYC laws. Utilizing artificial intelligence, Rent IQ can extract and organize data from various sources such as DHCR records, court files, and lease files. It offers a dashboard for users to upload, organize, search, review, and compare regulatory permissible increases and thresholds, making it easier to respond to audit requests and legal challenges​​.
  2. redIQ is a comprehensive platform used by institutional multifamily acquisition teams, brokers, and lenders for the underwriting process. It transforms deal documents into full underwritings, standardizing raw deal documents into actionable intelligence. redIQ has been providing this service for over ten years, focusing on mid and large-size assets. The platform helps in making faster decisions with a high degree of confidence by reducing the time taken for analysis​​.
  3. Rental-iQ is a proprietary technology platform by Specialized Property Management, designed to make smarter decisions simple through data-driven insights. This platform enhances visibility into the overall rental market, individual properties, and the data in between, aiming to maximize ROI and minimize costs for property owners. Rental-iQ powers live reporting, audits, and automates daily tasks to eliminate errors, ultimately increasing owner and tenant retention through improved operational procedures and forecasting capabilities​​.

Each of these platforms addresses different aspects of property management and real estate investment, from regulatory compliance and underwriting to operational efficiency and market analysis.

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