What is Doorvest?

What is Doorvest?

Doorvest is a real estate technology company that streamlines the process of investing in rental properties, particularly for those looking to generate passive income. The platform offers a comprehensive service that handles every aspect of rental property investment, from property acquisition and renovation to management and maintenance.

Key Features of Doorvest:

  1. Property Acquisition: Doorvest identifies and purchases single-family homes in promising markets. They focus on properties with strong rental potential and favorable market conditions.
  2. Renovation: Once a property is acquired, Doorvest manages the renovation process to ensure the home meets high standards for safety, functionality, and appeal. This includes updating fixtures, ensuring compliance with local building codes, and making any necessary repairs.
  3. Tenant Placement: Doorvest handles the marketing of the property, screening of potential tenants, and placement of qualified renters. This ensures that properties are occupied quickly and with reliable tenants.
  4. Property Management: Ongoing management services are provided, which include rent collection, maintenance coordination, and handling tenant inquiries and issues. This allows investors to be hands-off while still reaping the benefits of rental income.
  5. Financial Tracking: Doorvest offers tools for investors to track the financial performance of their properties. This includes monitoring rental income, expenses, and overall return on investment.
  6. Guaranteed Rent: In some cases, Doorvest offers a rent guarantee for a certain period, providing investors with a predictable income stream and mitigating the risk of vacancies.
  7. User-Friendly Platform: The Doorvest platform is designed to be user-friendly, offering a seamless experience for investors to browse available properties, make purchases, and manage their investments online.


  • Passive Income: Investors can earn rental income without the day-to-day hassles of property management.
  • Professional Management: Properties are managed by professionals, ensuring high standards and efficient operations.
  • Transparent Process: Doorvest provides clear information about property performance and financials, allowing investors to make informed decisions.
  • Reduced Risk: With services like tenant screening and rent guarantees, investors face fewer risks associated with property investment.

Ideal for:

  • New Investors: Those new to real estate investing can benefit from Doorvest’s turnkey solutions and expert management.
  • Busy Professionals: Individuals who lack the time to manage properties themselves but want to invest in real estate.
  • Remote Investors: Those looking to invest in properties outside their local area can do so without needing to be physically present.

Doorvest simplifies real estate investment by offering a full-service solution that covers property acquisition, renovation, management, and financial tracking, enabling investors to generate passive income with minimal effort.

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