Rent Comps API

Rent Comps API - With our daily rent data pipeline and our comps algorithm, we can return the most statistically similar rent comps in any U.S. market with only a property address. The information returned includes address, year built, number of units, similarity score, QualityScore (derived from listing photos), average rent by unit type, fees, utilities included, lease terms, and over 200 different building and unit amenities/attributes. Below is the recommended sequence of queries to optimize API calls for the rent comps API:

1. Send an address or building name to our search endpoint and review the results. Typically, the first result will be the result you are looking for.

2. Using the ID in this result, send it to the property details endpoint. This will return a complete property record.

3. Pass the complete property record to either the property comparables endpoint or the expense benchmark endpoint and receive back the results.

4. For the property comparables endpoint, you will not receive back all property details for each comp so if you want more information about a comp, use its ID and refer to step 2.

Below is a diagram showing the flows between endpoints that HelloData uses in its interface:

Examples of API call flows between HelloData's endpoints

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