What is Imresa Modular?

What Does Impressa Modular Do?

Impresa Modular, previously known as Express Modular, is a modular home company based in Martinsburg, West Virginia. It operates as a marketplace for modular homes, offering over 1,000 designs with standard floor plans that range significantly in size from 556 to 9,902 square feet. The availability of these models can vary by location, with certain areas like the San Francisco Bay Area offering a selection of 72 models. Impresa Modular's portfolio includes a diverse array of home designs such as ranch, colonial, cape cod, chalet, cabins, log homes, and even modern styles. The company emphasizes full customization for buyers, encouraging the use of their Project Homestyler software for designing tentative floor plans before commencing the customization process​​.

The manufacturing of home modules is conducted off-site in one of Impresa Modular's 24+ partner factories, with a focus on quick delivery and competitive pricing. Homes arrive 80-90% complete and are set on a permanent foundation, with the final assembly taking 60-90 days post-delivery. Despite facilitating the design and project management aspects, Impresa Modular does not handle construction directly, requiring buyers to find a general contractor to finish assembling the home on-site​​.

In terms of pricing, estimates for prefab homes from Impresa Modular range broadly from $114 to $414+ per square foot, with an average cost between $200 and $245+, inclusive of the home module, labor, and site work. The company has built over 100 homes across the United States, leveraging its marketplace to host a wide variety of home designs with options for customization and upgrades​​​​.

Impresa Modular prides itself on the quality and value of its modular homes, promoting modern construction techniques in a temperature-controlled indoor environment for efficiency and quality control. The company highlights the energy efficiency and health benefits of modular construction, aiming to provide homes that are not only comfortable but also have lower operating costs and a minimal environmental impact​​.

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