What is CBRE's Deal IQ?

What is Deal IQ?

CBRE Deal IQ is a sophisticated tool designed to streamline the workflow of brokers working at CBRE, a global commercial real estate services company. This web and mobile platform assists brokers in managing their day-to-day activities, including organizing and prioritizing client data, prospects, notes, tasks, and more. It facilitates the consolidation of various work management tools into one comprehensive platform, offering access to internal company resources and financials related to their deals​​​​.

Key features of Deal IQ include tracking deals (from prospects to current and closed ones), team collaboration, contact management, task management, and tracking commissions (including paid, upcoming, and past due commissions)​​. The development of Deal IQ involved close collaboration between designers and engineers to ensure user-driven enhancements and features, based on feedback from the brokers themselves. This approach aimed to optimize the daily workflow of users, ultimately giving them more time to assist their clients​​.

The technology stack used to build Deal IQ includes AngularJS, D3, Django, Gulp, HTML5, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Python, and SCSS, showcasing a blend of frontend and backend technologies to deliver a robust and user-friendly experience.

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