Tech Nest: Is AI Poised to Change Real Estate Investing Interview with Marc Rutzen

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December 5, 2023

Originally Published on Tech Nest:

In this episode, Marc Rutzen, CEO of, talks about revolutionizing real estate investing with AI. We discuss leveraging AI for real-time market analysis and optimizing pricing strategies in multifamily properties, particularly for units under 100. Marc highlights using AI for revenue management, asset optimization, and overcoming industry challenges. This episode offers insights into AI's potential and limitations in real estate, providing valuable information for investors, property managers, and tech enthusiasts.

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Maximize Your NOI with We provide AI-driven real estate market analysis & pricing strategy. uses computer vision and AI to identify the most relevant comps for any size (2+ units) multifamily property. Then we analyze them every day to recommend the right pricing, value-adds and operational improvements to maximize your NOI.As CEO of, Marc leverages his expertise in the real estate domain to spearhead the company's marketing, sales and product development initiatives. His professional journey began in real estate development, brokerage, and consulting, before he launched Enodo, a predictive analytics startup that automated the real estate investment underwriting process with machine learning. Following Walker & Dunlop's acquisition of Enodo, Marc helmed the company's data science, product, and customer success departments as SVP of Information Technology, before his promotion to Chief Product Officer. Marc possesses a Master's degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia University and is a licensed Managing Real Estate Broker in Illinois.

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