Forbes Technology Expert Panel Contributions

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October 20, 2023

Recent contributions to the Forbes Technology Expert Panel by CEO Marc Rutzen:

16 Innovative Potential (And Current) Applications for the Metaverse - July 24, 2023

Virtual Storefronts

"One practical application of the metaverse is virtual commerce, or “v-commerce.” Businesses can create immersive, 3D virtual storefronts, providing consumers with a unique and engaging shopping experience. Consumers can interact with products or services in a lifelike digital environment before purchasing, providing valuable data to retailers and potentially boosting customer satisfaction." - Marc Rutzen,

20 Sustainable Practices to Help Businesses and Tech Teams ‘Go Green’

Utilize AI And the IoT to Optimize Energy Use

"Businesses can improve sustainability by utilizing artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to optimize energy use. AI can improve data center efficiency through, for example, cooling optimization and load balancing, while the IoT can manage lighting and HVAC systems based on occupancy and conditions, reducing energy waste and costs. A more energy-efficient operation reduces both a business’ carbon footprint and its operating expenses." - Marc Rutzen,

18 Emerging Technologies That Could Help Us Solve Global Challenges

AI-Enabled Weed Management

I recently saw a system that combines AI and high-resolution cameras to eliminate weeds in crops with powerful lasers—without damaging the crops. It can function at any time of day and in any weather. It eliminates the need for herbicides while improving crop yields, reducing farming costs and supporting sustainable, organic farming practices. I think it could eliminate reliance on dangerous pesticides. - Marc Rutzen,

17 VR Applications That Can Provide a Powerful User Experience

Design And Marketing of Commercial Real Estate

"Virtual reality could help revolutionize the commercial real estate industry by creating realistic, immersive property tours. Potential investors or renters could inspect properties remotely, reducing the need for travel. Architects could also use VR to visualize and modify designs before construction, saving time and resources." - Marc Rutzen,

20 Tech-Focused Business Practices That Promote Better Sustainability

Adopting Energy Harvesting Tech

"Businesses could adopt energy harvesting technologies to power their devices. This involves capturing small amounts of energy that would otherwise be wasted—such as light, vibrations or thermal differences—and converting it into electricity. This practice can prolong device life spans, reducing the frequency of hardware replacements and e-waste." - Marc Rutzen,

18 Tech Leaders on the Importance of Diversity in Tech Development

It Fosters More Resilient Designs

"In tech, diversity is a key asset for creating resilient designs. Diverse teams can provide a broader range of experiences and insights, leading to the creation of more robust and universally accessible products. Think about it as human redundancy in problem-solving—a fail-safe against narrow, monocultural design perspectives." - Marc Rutzen,

17 Expert Tips for Achieving the Maximum Benefits from a Pen Test

Share The Results And Talk Through Solutions

"After a pen test, instead of solely focusing on fixing vulnerabilities, tech teams should share the results with various stakeholders (including non-technical staff) and talk through solutions. This allows diverse perspectives to understand the implications of the findings, fostering a companywide culture of security awareness, and turns the pen test into an organizational learning moment." - Marc Rutzen,

20 Essential Steps for Successful Application Modernization

Conduct UX Analyses

"One important step in an effective application modernization initiative is conducting user experience analyses with real end users. This ensures that the modernized application is not just technologically advanced, but also aligns with users’ expectations. Skipping this can lead to a disconnect between the technology and the people it’s meant to serve." - Marc Rutzen,

17 Reasons To Conduct Manual Testing of Websites and Software

It Confirms Alignment With Industry-Specific Logic And Expectations

"Manual testing by someone with domain expertise is important. Automated tests might show that outputs function correctly, but miss that they fail to align with industry-specific logic or expectations. Expert human insight during testing ensures that the product not only works technically, but also satisfies the unique demands of the industry it was built for." - Marc Rutzen,

2024 Tech Trends Businesses Should Start Preparing for Now

Preparing For Emotional AI

"In the closing months of 2023, businesses should start preparing for the rise of emotional AI in customer interactions. EAI will soon move beyond text and voice recognition to discerning customers’ emotions through subtle cues. Preparing for this means understanding how to ethically implement it—that is, making sure emotional engagement enhances the user experience without causing privacy concerns." - Marc Rutzen,

18 New And Emerging Biotech Developments Everyone Should Know About

Plastic-Eating Bacteria

"Scientists have recently engineered bacteria to “eat” plastic waste, addressing one of the planet’s most pressing environmental concerns. These modified bacteria can degrade plastics much faster than natural processes, potentially revolutionizing waste management and significantly reducing pollution. This breakthrough shows how solutions inspired by nature can rise to meet global challenges." - Marc Rutzen,

18 Factors and Metrics to Show the Value of Cybersecurity Initiatives

Mean Time To Detect

"Tech leaders can highlight the mean time to detect, or the average time it takes to detect a security threat. A shrinking MTTD over time shows heightened vigilance and improved detection capabilities, which directly correlates to reduced risk. By showcasing a tangible reduction in this metric, CSOs can translate cyber progress into a language that the C-suite understands." - Marc Rutzen,

20 Tech Experts’ Tips On When (And How) to Update Legacy Tech

Employ The ‘Strangler Pattern’

"Every company should employ the “strangler pattern” when modernizing legacy tech. This means gradually building new sections of a system around the old and phasing out the legacy components over time. By integrating modern technology in parallel rather than through a full replacement, risks are reduced, there is business continuity and adaptation is more organic, leading to smoother transitions." - Marc Rutzen,

20 Customer Service Tech Tools It’s Definitely Worth Investing In

AI-Powered Summarization

"Every business should use AI-driven meeting summarization tools for its customer service, sales and product teams. These tools transcribe and condense lengthy discussions, highlighting key action items, concerns and commitments. They help ensure feedback from customers and prospects is accurately captured, action items are accounted for and nothing is lost in translation between teams." - Marc Rutzen,

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