What is lease term solutions?

What is LeaseTerm Solutions?

LeaseTerm Solutions is a risk management company that specializes in providing core risk management solutions for the multi-family industry. Their products are designed to help apartment communities proactively manage lease breaks, end-of-lease property damage, and accidental damage to units and common areas. The goal of LeaseTerm Solutions is to create solid risk management strategies that protect apartment communities from financial risks associated with tenant activities.

Here are some features of the LeaseTerm Solutions product:

  • Products: Their primary offerings include:
  • LeaseProtect: This is an alternative to traditional security deposits. Instead of requiring a large upfront security deposit, tenants pay a non-refundable fee to LeaseTerm Solutions, which provides financial protection to the landlord in case of damages, unpaid rent, or other lease violations.
  • AssetProtect: This program focuses on renters insurance. LeaseTerm Solutions partners with insurance carriers to offer affordable renters insurance options to residents, reducing the burden on property managers to enforce individual renters insurance policies.
  • Benefits for property managers: LeaseTerm Solutions aims to help property managers:
  • Reduce bad debt by mitigating the risks associated with unpaid rent and damages.
  • Streamline operations by simplifying the security deposit and renters insurance processes.
  • Improve resident satisfaction by offering alternative options to traditional security deposits and potentially reducing costs for renters.
  • Focus on multifamily housing: While their solutions might be applicable in other contexts, LeaseTerm Solutions primarily focuses on the multifamily housing market, catering to the needs of apartment complex owners and managers.

LeaseTerm Solutions is a business entity, not a regulatory body or a standard practice in the rental market.

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