What is FacilGo?

What is FacilGo?

FacilGo is a comprehensive, AI-powered platform designed to streamline and automate maintenance, turns, and renovations for multifamily, single-family rental, and student housing operators. The platform centralizes maintenance management, offering features such as work order scheduling, mobile inspections, procurement management, and detailed communication tracking. It integrates seamlessly with existing property management systems through rich APIs, providing a scalable solution that can handle operations from hundreds to tens of thousands of units.

Key benefits of FacilGo include reducing maintenance costs by up to 35%, improving resident satisfaction through quicker resolution of work orders, and enhancing operational efficiency by automating and optimizing various maintenance processes. Additionally, the platform supports capital and renovation project management, enabling property managers to track and manage multiple projects across different properties with real-time data and insights.

FacilGo also offers advanced modules such as inventory and fixed asset management, which help manage warehouse inventory, track the age and warranty information of assets, and support capital budget preparations. The platform's enterprise-grade security, supported by SOC 2 compliance, ensures data safety and integrity throughout its operations.

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