What is Asset Living?

What is Asset Living?

Asset Living is a property management company that provides a range of services for various types of properties, including student housing, residential housing, and affordable housing. Founded in 1986, the company has grown to become one of the largest property management firms in the United States. Asset Living offers comprehensive management services that include marketing, leasing, maintenance, accounting, and resident services.

Here are some important aspects of Asset Living:

  1. Student Housing Management: Asset Living is known for managing student housing properties across the country, ensuring that properties are well-maintained and providing services tailored to the needs of college students.
  2. Residential Property Management: The company manages a wide range of residential properties, including multifamily apartments, single-family homes, and luxury communities. They focus on maximizing property value and providing excellent living experiences for residents.
  3. Affordable Housing Management: Asset Living also specializes in managing affordable housing communities, ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations while providing quality housing options for low-income families.
  4. Comprehensive Services: Their services encompass all aspects of property management, such as marketing strategies to attract residents, leasing services to maintain high occupancy rates, maintenance services to ensure properties are in excellent condition, financial services for budgeting and accounting, and resident services to enhance the living experience.
  5. Growth and Expansion: Asset Living has experienced significant growth over the years, expanding its portfolio and geographical reach. They manage properties across the United States and are known for their robust operational infrastructure and innovative management practices.

Overall, Asset Living aims to provide exceptional property management services that enhance property value and resident satisfaction.

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