What is a Strip Mall?

What is a Strip Mall?

A strip mall, also known as a strip center or strip plaza, is a type of commercial shopping center characterized by a row of various retail stores, restaurants, and service providers arranged in a linear layout along a parking lot. Typically, strip malls are located along busy streets or highways, providing convenient access and ample parking for customers.

The defining characteristics of strip malls include:

  • Linear Layout - Stores are arranged in a straight line or an L-shaped configuration, making it easy for customers to visit multiple stores in one trip.
  • Anchor Tenant - Often, strip malls have one or more anchor tenants, such as a grocery store, drugstore, or major retail chain, which helps attract more customers to the center.
  • Variety of Retailers - They usually house a mix of retailers, including clothing stores, convenience stores, specialty shops, salons, and restaurants, providing a wide range of goods and services.
  • Parking - A significant feature is the large parking lot in front of the stores, offering convenient parking for customers.
  • Accessibility - Located along major roads or highways, strip malls are easily accessible by car and often cater to the local community's everyday shopping needs.

Main Advantages of Strip Malls

  • Convenience: Easy access and parking make strip malls convenient for quick shopping trips.
  • Variety: A mix of different stores and services in one location offers variety to shoppers.
  • Visibility: High visibility from busy roads attracts passersby and increases foot traffic for businesses.

Typical Businesses With Tenancy in a Strip Mall

  • Retail Stores: Clothing boutiques, shoe stores, electronics shops.
  • Service Providers: Hair salons, dry cleaners, fitness centers.
  • Restaurants: Fast food outlets, cafes, casual dining restaurants.
  • Specialty Shops: Pet stores, hobby shops, bookstores.

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