What is a Lease-up Property Manager?

What is a Lease-up Property Manager?

A lease-up property manager is responsible for quickly leasing units in newly constructed or renovated multifamily properties through aggressive marketing and tailored leasing strategies. They handle tenant inquiries, property tours, and the application process, ensuring a smooth move-in experience and high occupancy rates. Additionally, they coordinate with construction teams and track performance metrics to adjust strategies as needed.

Here are the key responsibilities and aspects of a lease-up property manager's role:

  1. Marketing and Advertising: They develop and implement aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns to attract potential tenants. This includes online advertising, social media campaigns, signage, and community events.
  2. Leasing Strategy: They create and execute a leasing strategy tailored to the target demographic, including setting rental rates, offering promotions, and designing attractive lease terms to encourage quick occupancy.
  3. Tenant Relations: They handle inquiries from prospective tenants, conduct property tours, and manage the application and screening process to ensure qualified tenants are secured.
  4. Coordination with Construction Teams: In cases of new construction or renovations, lease-up property managers often coordinate with construction teams to ensure units are ready for occupancy according to the leasing schedule.
  5. Performance Metrics: They track and analyze key performance metrics, such as leasing velocity, occupancy rates, and marketing effectiveness, to adjust strategies as needed and report progress to property owners or developers.
  6. Move-In Process: They manage the move-in process, ensuring new tenants have a smooth transition into the property and addressing any initial issues or concerns.
  7. Community Building: They often play a role in building a sense of community among new tenants by organizing events and fostering a positive living environment.

A lease-up property manager is focused on quickly filling a new or renovated multifamily property by implementing effective marketing strategies, managing tenant relations, and coordinating with various teams to achieve high occupancy rates efficiently.

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