What are the best sources of real estate news?

For staying updated with real estate news, several sources are highlighted by different platforms as being among the best:

  1. Inman: Known for its in-depth articles covering a variety of topics, including residential, commercial, domestic, and international real estate. It's recognized for award-winning journalism and is considered an industry leader​​​​.
  2. HousingWire: Provides the latest information on mortgage rates, market forecasts, and industry news, with content for potential buyers, mortgage professionals, and real estate agents. They also offer webinars and whitepapers for deeper insights​​​​.
  3. Weekly Real Estate News (WRE News): Offers national real estate news updated on a daily basis, with articles, blogs, and more. They provide insights into significant transactions and market trends​​.
  4. The Wall Street Journal: One of the most respected papers with an excellent real estate section offering both local and national coverage​​.
  5. Zillow: A well-known platform that provides news and insights for a variety of real estate professionals. It's a commonly used source for those in the real estate business​​.

Each of these sources has its strengths, such as providing in-depth analysis, market forecasts, national coverage, and practical insights for real estate professionals. It would be beneficial to follow multiple sources to get a well-rounded view of the industry.