What APIs does HelloData offer?

HelloData.ai offers a range of APIs focused on multifamily property data, providing comprehensive real estate analysis tools:

  1. Rent Comp Detection API: Helps identify statistically similar rent comps in any market using factors like market demographics, property age, unit mix, and HelloData's proprietary QualityScore real estate image analysis.
  2. Expense Benchmarks API: Offers access to operating expense data from over 25,000 multifamily properties, aiding in deal underwriting and operational efficiency analysis.
  3. QualityScore: Property Photo Extraction API: Analyzes interior and exterior property photos to assess the quality and physical condition of properties, useful for valuation accuracy, identifying at-risk properties, or discovering value-add opportunities.
  4. LiquidRent: Revenue Management API: Provides a multifamily revenue management solution, offering daily pricing recommendations based on historical data, with the aim of maximizing apartment unit revenues.

HelloData.ai's APIs cater to real estate and PropTech companies, and are designed for various applications like offering memos, appraisals, or PropTech solutions. They offer features such as real-time data updates, detailed market insights, and comprehensive national coverage of the U.S. real estate market. These APIs are particularly suitable for property managers, investors, brokers, developers, appraisers, and PropTech companies​

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