If My Apartment Flooded What Are My Rights?

If My Apartment Flooded, What Are My Rights?

If your apartment floods, you have specific rights under tenant law, generally including:

  1. Repairs: Your landlord is responsible for repairing any damage caused by the flood unless you caused the flooding through negligence.
  2. Habitable Living Conditions: You have the right to a habitable living environment. If the apartment is severely damaged and unlivable, you may have the right to withhold rent until repairs are made, or potentially terminate your lease.
  3. Temporary Relocation: Depending on local laws, you may be entitled to a temporary relocation if the flood makes your apartment unlivable.

It's important to report the flooding to your landlord immediately and document everything. If repairs are not made in a timely manner, consider consulting with a tenant rights lawyer to explore your options.

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