What are the most common entry level jobs in commercial real estate?

The Most Common Entry Level Jobs in CRE

Real Estate Analyst: This role involves analyzing market trends, property values, and financial data to assist in investment decisions or portfolio management. It's a great starting point for understanding the financial aspects of commercial real estate.

Leasing Agent/Consultant: Focusing on leasing commercial spaces to businesses, this job involves marketing properties, conducting tours, negotiating leases, and maintaining relationships with tenants and landlords.

Research Assistant or Coordinator: This position supports more senior staff by gathering and analyzing data on market conditions, demographics, and other factors that influence commercial real estate.

Property Management Assistant: Working in property management, this role deals with the day-to-day operations of a property, including tenant relations, maintenance coordination, and possibly assisting in financial management tasks.

Marketing Coordinator: Focused on creating marketing materials and strategies for commercial properties, this job involves a mix of creativity and understanding of the real estate market.

Commercial Real Estate Broker Assistant: Assisting a broker, this role involves a variety of tasks including client communication, preparing documents, scheduling, and helping with property showings.

Junior Appraiser: This role assists in evaluating the value of properties by examining and analyzing market trends, sales of comparable properties, and property potential.

Transaction Coordinator: This job involves managing the administrative tasks of real estate transactions, ensuring all necessary documents are correctly processed, and deadlines are met.

These roles typically require a blend of real estate knowledge, analytical skills, communication abilities, and often a degree in a related field like business, finance, or real estate.

The average salaries for entry-level positions in commercial real estate vary depending on the specific role. For instance, as of 2024, an entry-level Commercial Real Estate Broker typically earns around $41,175 per year. In comparison, an entry-level Real Estate Development Manager has an average salary of about $75,000 annually​​​​.

These figures can vary based on factors such as location, the size of the company, and the specific duties of the role. Additionally, bonuses and other forms of compensation might also affect the total earnings.

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