Think outside the black box with multifamily pricing via API

Traffic-Driven Pricing & Revenue Management

LiquidRent is a multifamily revenue management solution that uses detailed supply & demand data at your property to provide daily rent pricing recommendations that maximize revenue for apartment units and renewals.

Our revenue management system is not a black box. We explain in plain English why the pricing is adjusted up or down, and our model helps users test different price points to gauge the impact on prospects and applicant volume by floorplan.

LiquidRent delivers pricing recommendations by email, so it can be used with any property management system. We also work with PropTech providers to integrate our predictive algorithms within existing property management software.

Diagram showing market activity translating to prospects, converting to applicants, converting to leases and units at a multifamily property
Interface showing pricing recommendations from the liquidrent apartment revenue management system
Think outside the black box.

Highly Transparent Pricing Recommendations

Multifamily asset managers and revenue management professionals need to continually monitor competitor pricing and positioning and conduct ongoing market analysis to maximize revenue. But multifamily real estate is ever changing, and there's not enough time in the day to analyze rent comps, develop pricing strategies and report on performance.

We constantly survey the market for you, analyzing hundreds of thousands of listings across the country every day. Our algorithm analyzes applications, lease turnover, and market rent trends to explain the "why" behind every rent recommendation. Our AI revenue management system was built to maximize revenue and save you time, while clearly explaining outputs so you don't have to.

See the impact of pricing changes on prospect volume.

Scenario Testing and Sensitivity Analysis

A strong multifamily revenue management solution shouldn't provide "take it or leave it" pricing recommendations. With LiquidRent, you can see the predicted impact on leads and occupancy for each floor plan at different price points, so you have greater visibility and more control over your pricing strategy.

We make it easy to understand how your pricing decisions will impact prospects, applicants and occupancy, and we provide different revenue management suggestions based on how fast you want to achieve your sustainable occupancy.

Table from multifamily revenue management software showing different pricing levels for a floorplan and the resulting number of prospects, leads and applicants
Code snippet with price, number of vacating units, number of renewing units, and price recommendations for multifamily properties
Level up your revenue management game.

Modern Algorithms for 21st Century Asset Managers

Most apartment revenue management products were built before the advent of robust AI. Models built 20 years ago don't have the flexibility or transparency of pricing systems built on modern technology, and they struggle when market rents or economic conditions change rapidly.

Our dynamic rent pricing solution uses supply and demand algorithms similar to those used by Google and Amazon to predict ad performance, helping you strategize more effectively about pricing decisions. It reacts in real-time to market changes to help you move units faster and with higher rents. And our revenue management system is fully API-based, so it can be integrated with any property management solution.

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With LiquidRent, multifamily property managers, asset managers and leasing agents can explore the impact of different price points on prospects, applicants, and occupancy. Our cutting-edge multifamily revenue management software provides daily rent pricing recommendations and detailed sensitivity analyses so you can fine-tune your pricing strategy and unlock operational efficiencies across your portfolio.

Property Managers

This is the revenue management solution you've been waiting for. Get daily pricing that maximizes rent, occupancy and renewals based on your current showings, applications and leases. Use it independently or to complement existing revenue management systems.

Owners & Asset Managers

Do you ever wonder if your property manager is maximizing revenue? With LiquidRent, you can easily test different price points and see how prospects, applicants and occupancy are impacted. Our sensitivity tables help you see the impact of pricing scenarios and optimize rents for any property.

Leasing Agents

A skilled leasing agent can spend 4+ hours just to analyze comps and generate pricing recommendations for 1 property. That's a lot of time! Our revenue management solution helps you advise clients on how their price decisions will affect occupancy and market positioning.

Real-time data, incredible insights.

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