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HelloData aggregates data on over 800,000 multifamily properties every day. Our data helps drive our price prediction algorithms, and it can help you take your analytics to the next level.

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Excel workbook with multifamily property data
table showing insurance cost increases by state
How are insurance costs increasing in your market?

Real Estate Insurance Cost Increases By State

Insurance is one of the fastest rising costs for multifamily operators. We recently wrote a blog post highlighting how the cost of insurance has increased across the U.S.

This downloadable dataset includes the 2022 average insurance costs per unit in each state, how that varies by property size (number of units), and the average insurance cost increases in each state between 2020 and 2022.

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Normalize Addresses Without Leaving Excel

Normalizing property addresses can be a challenge, particularly with real estate data. Extra spaces, special characters and combined addresses are difficult to process, and converting street suffixes (e.g. Street to St, Avenue to Ave, etc.) can create issues with a simple search and replace.

Fortunately, the team at HelloData has built tools to make address normalization easier. With our free address normalization utility, you can just use =normalize_address() in Excel to consistently format thousands of addresses in seconds.

table with unformatted and formatted addresses with a VBA button to normalize the addresses